So, John Oliver... Do You Find Lorelai Gilmore Hot or What?
It's not secret that Lorelai Gilmore and the actress who plays her Lauren Graham is a total babe.   Regardless, the character wonders what comedian/talk show host John Oliver thinks about her in the first teaser-trailer for Netflix's Gilmore Girls coming November 25th.     Well, John!! What's your verdict?     We have Stephen Colbert to thank for getting an answer out of Oliver.  His full response, however, is a lot more NSFW than...

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5 new sports move closer to approval for Tokyo 2020 Olympics
AL - I know the Rio games haven't even started yet but I'm pretty stoked for the 2020 games in Tokyo because of these sports that could be added. Surfing... Softball... Sport Climbing... Skateboarding... and Karate. I support these additions 100%. How cool would be to see someone pull of the Crane Kick from Karate Kid in the gold medal match? I'll answer that for you...AMAZING!

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