Ed Sheeran Pulled a Maroon 5 and Crashed A Wedding
Except Ed Sheeran actually crashed a REAL wedding and not a staged one (like in that Maroon 5 video). A radio station in Sydney, Australia is responsible for all this awesome! This is how they captions the video on their YouTube page: "Is there a nicer guy than Ed Sheeran? When Ed heard that we were helping to organise a special wedding for two of our deserving listeners, Matt and Kya, and that they had chosen one of his songs for their wedding dance he offered to come and surprise them and...

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Certain Gestures Are Offensive to Some
There are certain gestures that we make that seem harmless to us in North America. However....they might offend some people elsewhere! Example.....gesturing someone to come over might.will get your arrested! WHAT? Click here for details....

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