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They're Putting David Letterman's Late Show Set IN THE GARBAGE!
Something that I find amazing, is how RIGHT AFTER David Letterman's last show Wednesday, they didn't waste any time trashing his set.  The "New York Post" did a story on it with pictures of people watching seats and other parts of the set getting tossed into a huge dumpster outside the Ed Sullivan Theater yesterday.  You know the George Washington Bridge from the background?  Apparently it was spared.  It'll take a week to completely break down the set and hopefully now that this is getting...

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The Dirt - Thursday, May 21
Here it is! The full-length trailer for Amy, and the narrative is absolutely heartbreaking. Lady Gaga's only problem is going to be having TOO many options for a wedding gown! Seems like every designer wants her to be wearing their creation when she walks down the aisle with Taylor Kinney. (Photo Credit:  TWITTER)  Did you miss David Letterman's final episode as host of the Late Show? Check out some of the highlights HERE Eva Mendes took her first selfie!! Really, she doesn't...

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