Did Geri Halliwell Tweet This Message For Zayn Malik?
Shattering hearts and causing millions of tears across the world! It's official Zayn Malik has left One Direction. And if you’ve seen how One direction fans can get at their conerts, then you can figure out how they reacted to this news! Let’s just say, they didn't take it well.  Why? Well, this article I found for you tries to explain all of that.  Let this professor of psychiatry at Columbia University tell you about the psychology behind fandom. But if there's anyone who knows what...

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Certain Gestures Are Offensive to Some
There are certain gestures that we make that seem harmless to us in North America. However....they might offend some people elsewhere! Example.....gesturing someone to come over might.will get your arrested! WHAT? Click here for details....

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